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2022 Home Sellers Guide

All the info needed if you are considering Selling your home this year from inventory to timing to interest rates to where will you go next?

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Home Staging Guide

What are the things your should and should not do to improve the chances of selling your home, at the price you want to sell it at and in a timely manner.

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Infographic on 10 STEP PROCESS for

Infographic on the timeline and major steps involved in selling your home

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2023 First Time Home Buyers Guide

Learn what you need to know to successfully buy a home in todays exciting housing market

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2022 Home Buyers Guide 

Critical information needed to Buy a home this year such as interest rates, supply and demand, appraisals, down payment requirements and much more!

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Explanation and flow chart of the home buying process as well as how to work with your agent

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House Hunting Checklist

Handy list to bring with you when viewing potential homes to buy

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New Home Buyer Packet

This packet summarizes your needs, defines many common real estate terms, reviews the benefits and process of home buying and provides a check list for rating properties you visit.

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