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Five Tips to make selling your home easier

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

1. Meet with a Realtor

  • Get tips and tricks for where to best spend your time and energy in getting your home ready for sale. Some repairs and renovations are critical while others may not get you any return on your investment.

2. Get Prequalified for a Mortgage

  • You don’t want to lose a home sale because you aren’t ready to move out, so get ahead of the curve and work with a mortgage broker or banker to pre-qualify for a loan for you next home (unless you are lucky enough to be pay 100% cash)

3. Right Price your Home

  • You need to combine current market conditions with recent valuations, trends and inventory to come up with a price that will not delay your sale, but will not leave money on the table. Your agent can provide competitive market analysis and other advice to help you get this right.

4. Do your own Pre-Inspection

  • Most home buyers will do a paid inspection of your property. It is good to take a look at all your major systems and structure (HVAC, Water, Foundation, Siding etc.) to get an idea of any areas that will come up and be potentially used in negotiations.

5. Neutralize and Reduce Clutter

  • Typically the more you can reduce personal items, extra furniture and of course just general messiness, the easier it will be to take photos and show your house in the best light when the time comes. We collect a lot of stuff during our lives, now is a good time to reduce some of it!

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